Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mohammad Yunus - Banker to the Poor

As I sit here and think of Inspiring Minds Together and what it is about and where it is going I can not help but think of a wonderful humane man whom has done so much to bring the poor out of poverty.  His name is Mohammad Yunus.  If you have not heard of him, then you will now.  I read his autobiography  "Banker to the Poor"  and could not help but be touched by what this man has done and is doing for the world.

He is a shining light to the people of Bangladesh and to the world.  A man who has a passion to assist people out of poverty and to allow them to feel good about themselves.  He is the founder of the Grameen Bank and has followed his truth and not allowed the big organisations to sway what he has wanted to do.

Mohammad Yunus has encouraged mostly women to become self employed and they are given a loan to begin their own business.  They do what they know with the knowledge they have and bring themselves out of poverty with the assistance of a loan from the bank. They have to have a group of five people which is what we are calling a Power Circle.  Another word could be Mastermind Group.   These circles are supportive and empowering.

The reason for me mentioning this story is that I love hearing and reading about people and the difference they make in this world.  Each one of us is a Mohammad Yunus if we follow our truth from our heart and bring the gift that we have sitting inside of us and share it with the world. I believe that this is Yunus's purpose on Planet Earth and he has followed his truth with love and passion.  What is your purpose?  We are not Mohammad Yunus but we do make a difference within our own family, in our neighbourhood and it is not even about being known by many.  You radiate out to the universe when you are living your truth, following your heart and living from a space of love.

Inspiring Minds Together is about bringing people together to feel supported, motivated and inspired to live their truth, follow their passion and to become part of an Inspiring Minds Power Circle.  As Yunus recognised that the best way for people to feel powerful and supported is to have a circle.

To find out more about Mohammad Yunus I would suggest you google and you will be able to get a fuller story and also I highly recommend the book "Banker to the Poor".

Luv to you all.


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