Saturday, July 10, 2010


I felt a beautiful sense of contribution after our power circle monday night, Giving love and giving support is a really good feeling it inspires me to help more, after monday night I was asking the question how can I help more people what can I do now to help more people, I felt very empowered asking this question.
I'm very greatful to have our uplifting power circle,  I love being apart of the other inspiring minds journey watching them grow, empower themselves and helping other's to do the same is very rewarding for me.

Love to you all, Hollie

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The POWER of an Inspiring Minds Power Circle

The power of an Inspiring Minds Power Circle.  It was Monday evening and time for our circle to meet at the library as we do every second Monday evening.  Well I am going to be completely honest and say that I was not feeling the brightest and was not feeling like attending.  The day had been spent sitting in a closed room doing my Refresher First Aid Course and I had got myself a little stressed out as there was a test at the end of it.  Well the test is not difficult but the thought of having one is my issue.  I walked away with my certificate and there was a sense of relief at the end of the day. 

I had made a commitment to be part of this power circle so I was not going to not go, even though in the mind there was some chatter saying "how nice it would be to go home". 

As the evening came to an end and I walked away I realized how good I felt. The energy that is created within the circle is uplifting and inspiring.  Hollie began the evening with a lovely peaceful meditation which soon allowed us to be still, relaxed and centred.  I was able to share my feelings about being a little stuck in my life and needed some assistance about moving out of this state.  Just expressing how I felt and receiving the support was powerful for me as there was no judgement and just a sharing.    Each member of the circle had time to share and receive assistance  and I am sure everyone felt supported and inspired.

One member of the circle gave us an idea that she had used.  To be still and allow one word to come to us that is positive and uplifting.  I did this lastnight and in such a short time the word came to me.  It was "communication".  I understand exactly why I received this message and now as I think of the word "communication" I feel inspired.  Sitting and writing this blog is a form of communication for me and as I am tapping this I feel happy, inspired and motivated as I am passionate about sharing and assisting others to live their truth.

I am so grateful for our Inspiring Minds Power Circle and the love and support within our circle.  We are looking forward to taking this out into the wider community and seeing many people coming together living a passionate life. 

Luv Heather