Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hello everyone how are you all? I'm very happy its monday today, Inspiring Minds Together has created a power circle, a group of 7 women gather every monday fortnight on the central coast to inspire and be inspired, we start our evening with a relaxing  meditation and then a quick tapping technique which brings our vibriation up ready to go.

Im very excited for tonights power circle the last gathering we learnt a muscle testing technique to explore blocked emotions and remove them I had so much fun using this technique I went home and my partner was having some pain with his knee after we did some muscle testing we were amazed as to what came up and he could relate it to his knee the next morning no more knee pain we were both amazed and greatful.

To me the power circle is a sense of community it's a place to go and share my dreams and truth and assist others to do the same it's a place to learn gorw, expand and teach.

Im very greatful to have my power circle I feel im growing and expanding and doing what i love inspiring and assisting people to be who they want to be and explore their dreams.

much love to you all

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